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Our custom decks are designed and constructed by experienced contractors.

Enjoying outdoor time is a popular pastime of residents throughout the Simpsonville, South Carolina area. Whether you enjoy playing outside with your kids, relaxing outside with your favorite reading material, or watching the sun go down, you need a place to go when you’re outdoors. Adding a deck is a great option, although standard decks tend to all look alike. Instead of settling for the same deck your neighbors have in their yards, contact us at Glenn Gate Construction to learn more about our custom decks. We build custom options for homeowners throughout the Simpsonville area, adding value and functionality to outdoor spaces.

Custom Decks in Simpsonville, South Carolina

Our custom decks are designed and constructed by experienced contractors. Before we begin the construction process, we’ll meet with you to discuss what you’re looking to add, as well as look at your property to determine how much space you have available. From there, we’ll come up with a design for your custom deck that provides the space you want without taking over your entire yard. If you want a deck that can house a barbecue grill, some outdoor furniture, and maybe a potted plant or two, we’ll make sure to create a design that can accommodate.

Our custom decks are made with high-quality construction materials that stand up well to the elements we experience in the area. We also provide excellent craftmanship when we’re building your new deck. If you have any questions about the process or would like more information about getting your own custom deck built, contact us today.

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