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Decks and Budgets: What You Need
to Know

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When it comes to outdoor spaces, there are few things better than decks! Decks are popular without any trace of going out of style anytime soon. With the expansion of your living space, decks enable you to spend time outdoors with continued and easy access to the indoors as well. If you are thinking about building a deck onto your property, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind about decks and how one also relates to your budget.

Wood decks are beautiful and natural

First, decks are considered a home addition, which can affect things like home value and insurance costs. Many homeowner’s insurance policies will want to know the replacement cost of your deck to add to the replacement cost of your house, which could increase your insurance marginally. It can also increase your home value, often to the point of negating the cost you spent to build it!

Second, decks can be as basic or as upgraded as you are willing to pay for them to be. A deck doesn’t just have to be a wood platform and some railings. Things like seating, sunken areas for a hot tub, planters and storage can all be added for useable space. Additionally, upgrades like steel post caps and stiles on your railings are available.

Third, be sure to choose materials that suit your lifestyle and budget. Wood decks are beautiful and natural, but require a little maintenance every few years. Composite decking is a great decking material that doesn’t need to be maintained, is eco-friendly, and won’t splinter, but costs more upfront.

These are just some of the things to consider when budgeting for decks. Turn to Glenn Gate Construction to learn more about our decks and budgeting tips.